Production System


The right equipment produces the best results.

Not only does Hudson Plating & Coating have some of the best equipment in the business we are constantly upgrading and adding to it.


With two full 330-foot conveyorized lines each with convection ovens and IR boosters in our Burnably plant, we can run large jobs more quickly and economically than most other shops. When coupled with our 5-stage washer we not only achieve greater efficiency but a higher quality and more consistent finish.

Other equipment includes:

  • 4’x 8’x 14’ batch oven for larger items
  • Glass beading / Sandblasting booth.
  • Burn off ovens
  • Air purification system
  • Zero contaminant and redundant compressor system

TPM – A Total Productive Maintenance System

  1. Preventative maintenance. Preplanned and scheduled maintenance.
  2. Corrective Maintenance. Improving repaired equipment to reduce the frequency of repairs needed.
  3. Maintenance Prevention. Insuring ease of maintenance for operator monitoring on a daily basis.

Hudson’s TPM means dependable production schedules and on time deliveries for our customers.