Quality Control

Quality Control

At Hudson Plating & Coating, we believe the proof of quality is in our customer’s complete satisfaction with the finished product we deliver.

This means that quality is the responsibility of each and everyone at Hudson. Everyone who has involvement with a customer order, from the time it is taken, entered into our system, parts received, job processed, inspected, packaged and returned to our customer.

It is our experience that by encouraging everyone to take ownership of quality the amount of rejected work is reduced exponentially. The savings accrued from reduced rework benefit our customers in two key ways, faster turnaround times and lower prices.


Cross Training

For greater efficiency and flexibility our staff is cross-trained in multiple areas. This helps in leveling out the workload should production volume fluctuate outside of buffered forecast levels. This flexibility insures consistent quality control through the availability of additional trained staff when required.

Industry Tests

Through the use of industry approved tests and scientific testing equipment we are able to measure many of the Key Performance Indicators for Quality. Tests like Cross Hatch, MEC and Salt Spray testing to mention a few.

Specially designed equipment is used to measure key factors that contribute to a predictable production process delivering consistent and high quality results. One such instrument is the Data Paq, which measures the temperature at different locations on a part during the heat curing process. This information is invaluable in determining the optimum oven temperature and cure time for medium and large parts with varying density.